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Motti and bander is a love story...which has no end....i cant forget those days when we do fun and those days also we have a lot of problems...

When ever i saw u i just forgot everying..the past days mistakes and wrong steps...we didnot discussed about whom has the fault or not...tried to go to forword...

You remeber i watched your snap for the whole day...and didnot sleep after working the whole night to say you GOOD MORNING.....

You are so sweet but you are the first to whom i hate a lot....obviously you are my sweet heart...but you gave me a lot of tears...

By the way love you a lot motti..









B-bite :p


I went a miles to see your ugly face before knowing i wil be able to meet or not...You kicked me and i returned....after that i tried and tried and tried a lot to get my love but i failed....bcz i have no experience...i have no attitude...Some one said me its an art to find a girl to you...but i have no idea about that how to save that situation and did a lot of mistakes again and again and again....

Well you helped me a lot to save me...MISS U (will miss u always)

I love your tweety .i love your everything..I can write a thousands of kilometers of long for you but i dont want to sleep...

I dont want to eat but never forgot to ask you have you eaten ?

I will write a book and will do everything to keep you close to my life.

I will give my daughters name like your .....

I will be with you forever....

I will write every dream of mine and every incident of us ....

I will cry and cry and cry till the last drop comes from my eye....




My favourite hub :http://mottiandbander.hubpages.com/hub/today-dont-want-to-cry

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  • You was hating me that was good

    You was hating me that was good

    22 months ago

    When you was hating me that was good but now you love me and i don't deserve you. You are so good and i am really bad. God help me to be like her.

  • A Machine Giving Pain Now

    A Machine Giving Pain Now

    4 years ago

    Life has turned now After some days i feel same now No one with me No one helps me I feel same headache now Who will give me medicine now ? Who will take care of me now ? This time instead of "SHE" i am facing a...

  • I Got My Love

    I Got My Love

    4 years ago

    i am waiting for you from the morning to love you once.

  • Life in Such a Lane

    Life in Such a Lane

    4 years ago

    I miss you motti. Why you angry with me.

  • Happy Birth Day Motti

    Happy Birth Day Motti

    5 years ago

    Wish you a very happy Birth day motti. From Bander

  • Bander becomes a doctor

    Bander becomes a doctor

    5 years ago

    I saw another dream .You are alone and need a best friend. Need Someone, who is closer to your heart and i want to be with you.

  • A Ravisher

    A Ravisher

    5 years ago

    I want to love to you till the end and want your permission to do love to you. Come to me and be mine ..make me your and we will be together.

  • I went to meet you again

    I went to meet you again

    5 years ago

    I went to see my motti after traveling 400 KMs and wait for 2 days in front of her home But i did not meet with her.After taking a lot pain i went back with red eyes . God why you cheat with me ?

  • Your green saree

    Your green saree

    5 years ago

    I love the green saree you have Weared once with your friends. I love to see that you wear it once for me and i want to see your smile that time.

  • Clicking here and there

    Clicking here and there

    5 years ago

    I am in office but i can't work motti. I am thinking about you.Thinking about why this happens ? Why you left me ? Why you are not with me.See what i am doing. Now i am not working in my office.

  • My room

    My room

    5 years ago

    Come see what happened to me and my room .Everything is going to destroy because you are not with me.

  • Today don't want to cry

    Today don't want to cry

    5 years ago

    I can't tolerate this pain motti.Don't leave me alone.I can't take care of mine.come to me to save my life..

  • Sweet Little Dear

    Sweet Little Dear

    5 years ago

    Motti and bander is a love story and i will remember my love for ever.I will do give my all love to my motti and will stay for her ever.

  • Another river of tears

    Another river of tears

    5 years ago

    I love you more than of me.I cry for you more than i laugh.I will wait for you till the end of my life.

  • No One Can Stop Me

    No One Can Stop Me

    2 years ago

    I love you tweety.Tweety is my life.

  • Me mad

    Me mad

    5 years ago

    i miss you everyday in my dream.Come to my dream.

  • Rude man

    Rude man

    5 years ago

    Last day i thought I could be a rude man A rude man with a  little anger And a lot of love..... Last day i thought to be a rude man Last day i thought I could be a rude man A rude man with a little hate And a lot of...

  • Still i  am alone

    Still i am alone

    5 years ago

    Uff... What is this agonize You leave me alone I am listening your song But still crying alone.... Uff... What is this anguish Why you leave me alone I am seeing your snaps But still crying alone..... Uff... What...

  • I saw a dream

    I saw a dream

    5 years ago

    I saw a dream for you and want to make that dream true.

  • Still i am thinking about you

    Still i am thinking about you

    5 years ago

    When i am sleeping thinking about you When i am walking thinking about you When i am eating thinking about you When i am working thinking about you When i am seating thinking about you When i am drinking thinking...

  • love is emptiness

    love is emptiness

    5 years ago

    Anticipation mounts as she draws close to me Struggling to rid myself of daunting inhibitions. Wanting nothing more than to be free. Tangled and twisting in a writhing exhibition. The smoothness of her skin. ...