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I'm a retired lady living with my husband Derek in Thailand.   We still have Pippa, our beloved Labrador, she's now nearly 14 years old and still the 'boss'!  We don't walk so far these days, but still enjoy the early mornings with the sounds of birds along the farm lanes.

Our plan on coming to Thailand was to visit as many countries as possible but we still have a few to go.  We've had a wonderful time with a train journey to Singapore from Bangkok with our daughter Ingrid.  Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos have been visited several times, and two years ago we visited Taiwan for our nephews' wedding.  What an amazing place.  So, Borneo, Burma, Indonesia, India and Yunnan are still on the list.

In England we have a large family and it really is great fun going home for 2 or 3 months each year to see them all.  The time spent is really special with each and every one of them.  We have 8 Grandchildren and I think its ten Great Grandchildren, two of whom were born in September and October 2015. 

Many come to visit us too of course and we always feel there's not enough time to show them everywhere and everything in our adopted country, but we try!  and it's a good excuse to get them back!

The village we now live in is small and very rural.  We have some amazing neighbours, many of whom don't travel even to the nearest town!  It boasts a Wat (temple, Buddhist of course), a school, a clinic and a tiny shop, but not much else...................I could go on, but you'll have to read my hubs to find out more.

Its a pretty special place this Thailand.  People, cuisine, scenery, culture - just everything about it is incredibly beautiful.  Thank you Thailand for having us!

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  • Gardening In Thailand

    Gardening In Thailand

    4 years ago

    Gardening in the tropics is a different ball-game to gardening in more temperate climes. I had to learn a whole new set of rules, the most important being how fast everything grows and how easily!

  • The Mysterious Old House

    The Mysterious Old House

    4 years ago

    There are many old houses in Thailand that lay empty and decaying. But this really was a house of memories and I can never visit it without feeling someone is watching me. It feels like a sadness

  • Birds Observed in Thailand

    Birds Observed in Thailand

    4 years ago

    The wonderful bird population of Thailand is amazing. It makes walking the dog in the morning such a pleasure and I'm now beginning to recognise different songs. My favourite is the Malkoha.

  • Beautiful Batik Textiles.

    Beautiful Batik Textiles.

    14 months ago

    Batiks are an incredible statement of a culture! they are totally unique to those countries that produce them and I love them with an passion bordering on obsession!

  • Moving To Thailand.  Useful Tips.

    Moving To Thailand. Useful Tips.

    4 years ago

    A life changing event that has proved the best thing we've ever done. Thailand continues to be a wonderful place to retire to. Every day is exciting! To all contemplating such a move, 'JUST DO IT'!

  • Fruit Eating Dogs

    Fruit Eating Dogs

    4 years ago

    My dogs are a continual source of inspiration, but sometimes they just amaze me with the foods that they enjoy. Durian? how could they...? and that's not all!

  • Taking Dogs To Thailand

    Taking Dogs To Thailand

    4 years ago

    Dogs love their owners and to be with them is the one thing that makes them happy. You chose to have a dog, so when you choose to move to another country, think seriously about your 'best friend'.