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Hello world. This is my bio. I am a dad, husband, artist, and engineer! I have the best family ever. My wife is an amazing woman, I'm sure I will be making a lens about her and her Zumba career. My son is my world, I never knew that I could have that much love for one person! I just hope We raise him to be a great Godly man. I have an awesome mom and dad, and my sister is pretty cool too!...haha She knows I love her. I love drawing and creating art. I think i've got the mentality of an entreprenuer, I love coming up with weird ideas. Not too into the whole engineering thing but it pays the bills for now! Well that's a little taste of who and what I am. I hope you enjoy my lenses.

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  • Sun and Moon coloring pages!!

    Sun and Moon coloring pages!!

    4 years ago

    This lens is a coloring page lens all about the Sun and Moon. This is a hand drawn coloring page of the moon and stars in one corner, and the sun and clouds in the other corner. The Moon and Suns all have very child...

  • Alabama Coloring Pages

    Alabama Coloring Pages

    4 years ago

    Looking for a great way to teach your children about Alabama without boring them to death and without costing you any money? Teachers, are you looking for a fun way to get your students to interact with each other while...

  • Best Ways to earn better tips waiting tables

    Best Ways to earn better tips waiting tables

    4 years ago

    Did you say you're looking for the best tips to earning BIGGER tips waiting tables? Well look no further! You have come to the perfect place! Servers! Are you ready to get paid more? I'm going to give you some...