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David A. Paradine (Mr. DAP)

Joined 7 years ago from Palm Desert, Ca.




DAP, Writer, Mgt. Consultant, Teacher, Public Speaker. Have spent forty plus years as the CEO of large not for profit organizations. "If you drink from the well, and I have, then you must put something back so that others may."

Writing has always been a significant part of my life. It's enjoyable, interesting and a learning experience. This is simply another opportunity to continue to grow in this regard as I enjoy expressing my own thoughts and ideas.

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  • Politics and Social Issues (2)
  • Labels & Political Correctness

    Labels & Political Correctness

    14 months ago

    Labels and Political Correctness Or Is it Prejudice and Censorship I tried having a serious discussion with a friend, this past...

  • GOP At It Again

    GOP At It Again

    14 months ago

    You know I voted for Mitt Romney a way back when because I “thought” he would be a good President. I can see now that I was wrong and all that stuff about him being an elitist, out of touch with the real world true....