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Hello world. This is my bio. I'm a dis-abled retired Viet-nam Vet. I've been all over the World n countries under Dictatorship and Marshal Law. Lived it and the sad thing about it is I lived a better lifestyle there than I am here in America and see the Government stealing my;yours rights and NO ONE will fight for justice for all. I've been fighting the corruption in the government ever since. Get yourself informed. UPDATE 4/27/2015 LIFE in itself has been a blessing to me for sure. The fight I mention above is more about the right to Life itself and not be controlled by any form of government that hinder's a person to Love and Care about our world in which we live. We all must face the fact that we are on this Earth but for a season. What we do with our time and how we interact no matter what our belief's or differences is what makes the World a better or worse place for those that follow us after we have passed on. I've been in the valleys and on the mountain tops and everywhere in between. A lot I never wish on anyone but a lot more I wish on everyone. Learning to Love your own self is the 1st step in learning to love whatever life brings to you as an individual. I can only hope some of my material I share will help make Life better for someone, somewhere and it will spread from there. Agree to disagree but keep an open mind and heart to better understand where others are at in Life then if you can help, do it without regrets if you know without a doubt what you are doing is the right thing to do. I do not believe in New World Order government but I do believe in taking care of oneself first in order to be a help to others. That said...Enjoy, educate yourself in all you can for the time and season and the right reason and if by chance we cross paths may it be in peace, respect and goodwill towards one another.

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