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I was born the day after Mother’s Day in historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and spent my childhood living 32 minutes from Philly, 16 minutes from Trenton, and about an hour and a half from New York City. So, there was always something to do, or some place to go to while I was growing up. I loved spending summers down the Jersey shore (at Brigantine Beach, in particular).

I was my parents’ oldest child, but I was not my father’s only daughter. Yet, I was the only one of his four children to love him in spite of all of his flaws, and the only one to follow in his passion for the written word. My father was a newspaper journalist, editor, and photographer (and we always got a kick out of the fact that his first name, and his initials were the same as those of his favorite poet – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow).

My education began in Montessori School, and although I can’t remember a single thing about my time there, I am definitely able to think critically, work collaboratively, and act boldly – especially boldly. I mean, after all, I am (by virtue of my ancestral heritage) a truly, authentic Brooklyn/Philly/Jersey girl, so it just goes along with the territory. I then went on to attend my K-12 years in a public school district. Currently, the high school that I attended is ranked as one of the best in the nation (according to U.S. News and World Report’s National Rankings). After that, I attended college for three years, majoring in English Literature and minoring in psychology, with the intent of either becoming a teacher, a counselor, or both. But, I became a call center representative instead, which actually incorporates all of those skills, and the acting that I love as well.

I am at least a fifth generation genealogist, and I have been researching family histories since 1978, but have yet to take the certification to be labeled as a professional or to send off my DNA to determine my genetic makeup. I am actually waiting for my 94-year-old grandmother to die so I don’t run into any snags while attempting to find out more about my father’s biological ancestry (yes, my dad was adopted).

Currently, I live near my son in Roanoke, Virginia (seriously, he is in the apartment below mine), with my two cats – a 15-year-old black and white Tuxedo, named Maddie, aka “The Boss Lady,” and a one-year-old black and gray Bengal, named Henry, aka “The Town Crier.”

These days, I don’t watch as much TV as I used to, but when I do have it on, I am generally watching either something on Investigation Discovery or one of the 24-hour cable news channels (although I haven’t been watching them much since Presidential campaigning began, except to tune into “Legends & Lies” when I can remember that it is on).

Reading isn’t as easy as it used to be either. I have low vision that is caused by bilateral choroidal folds (ripples in the vascular layer behind my retinas), so it is becoming more and more difficult to sustain reading for longer than just a few minutes at a time, and I just can’t seem to bring myself to make the switch over to audiobooks yet either.

I despise political correctness and sophomoric humor, and I also despise processed foods - which is a good thing, because I have lost 60 lbs. since December, and am not going to stop until I have at least lost another 100. That is what having to take five prescription medications and two over-counter-medication daily just to survive living in Florida did to my 5’5” tall, medium-framed body. I ballooned all the way up to 271 lbs., when I only should have weighed 115. Among other things native to Florida (and some other places), I am allergic to palm trees. So, that is not the only state in which I cannot live. 

Apparently, I joined Hubpages six years ago - which was when I also lost a job and then spent the next four years looking for full-time, permanent work. So, I must have forgotten to come back until now (8/1/2016). Oh, well! At least I finally made it. It's just too bad it took so long. 

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