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Hi I'm Joanna.  I've been writing here on Hubpages.com three years now.  A few months after I joined I was accepted into the Apprentice program.  That was a lot of fun and hard work.  I learned a lot and met some great people!

My hubs are inspired by my daily activities.  I repair cars for local friends.  When I'm done, I write about it.  When I work with my horses, I write about it.  I enjoy photography as well.  If I have a partcularly good shot of something, I'll write about it. 

I enjoy the people I meet here on hubpages.  I meet most of them when I browse hubs or answer one of the questions posted.  I haven't met anyone I didn't like yet. It's definitely a good way to meet people of similar interests or just learn something new.

I see myself hubbing for many years to come!

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      • They took my ads away!

        They took my ads away!

        3 months ago

        Ok, here it is.  Hubpages edited some of my hubs to "make them better" so they can be featured and moved to vertical sites.  If I undo their "corrections" I risk having that hub removed...

      • Technical issue

        Technical issue

        4 years ago

        When I created a link in my apprentice program hub it came up with an odd notation instead of the " 's " it put something like "&'#". http://hub.me/adGzKThank you