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Welcome to Mike's Common Sense. This spot is more a column than a blog. My subjects are normally fifty percent humor, and fifty percent serious (Politics, Spirituality, and Life). All of my articles are designed to make you think; (even the funny ones), what you think is up to you.

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  • Mike's Health Cocktail

    Mike's Health Cocktail

    8 days ago

    Many people today are looking for ways to improve their overall health without the use of prescription drugs. Most prescription drugs have many side effects that may cause more problems than they help. Most prescription...

  • Kreskin's ESP Kit and Beyond

    Kreskin's ESP Kit and Beyond

    5 months ago

    This is a true story of my spiritual growth. Back in the mid-sixties a guy named Kreskin, was very popular. He would go on all the popular talk shows, and do feats of ESP. My dad said he was a quack, but I was much...

  • Defining Spiritual Concepts

    Defining Spiritual Concepts

    5 weeks ago

    What constitutes evil? What is the difference between “good”, “bad”, “love” and “evil”? These are philosophical questions that man has been trying to answer since St. Thomas Aquinas; and long before him....

  • Hurray For Me (And F#&k You)

    Hurray For Me (And F#&k You)

    4 months ago

    Today's topic is corporate greed. There has always been a war of sorts going on between the "have" and the "have not" factions of the human race. Here in the USA, the gap between the two is wider than it has been since...