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About Me:

I am a mother to a hellacious demon child of whom I would like to throw at a wall with velcro wrapped up like bacon-no abuse--just a little motherly love and a wife to a husband whome I occassionally want to punch in his face for always reading what I'm writing over my shoulder like he is now! It's all in love though. I am a photographer and have my own photography business--it makes me happy--


I love to write about life, my life, other people's life, killing my child occassionally, stupid mistakes I've made, business transactions and ownership, and just overall random tyraids, tyrannical outbursts, and the occassional over dramatic, dark poetry.

Ways to stalk me:

You can either follow me on



or via my blog on photography- BLOG


There is so much information out there on Hubpages for newbies, even I still use it and not newbie nor aged....I'm more like the infant stage. Use the forums to your advantage and never be afraid to ask questions.

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