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I am a writer, entertainer, and entrepreneur. If you have relationship questions, I will answer them here, as blogs. You can email me your questions at askmystee@gmail.com.

I think people are basically good, and most people don't intentionally hurt others. We are all on a learning path, and our choices offer us an opportunity to decide and create who we truly wish to be.

You haven't made a mistake. You've made a choice, with outcomes, experiences and lessons. Learn, grow and share love.

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  • How to Keep Him From Cheating

    How to Keep Him From Cheating

    37 hours ago

    Practical tips for keeping your man happy at home and happy in bed. Men want and need certain things to keep them satisfied. This article explains some of the things that help him not cheat.

  • Married Men Make the Best Boyfriends

    Married Men Make the Best Boyfriends

    11 days ago

    Married men make the best boyfriends for several reasons. This article will outline why a married man is a good boyfriend, and how to act like a girlfriend, if you are married.