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My name is Nara White Owl and I was born in Southern California. I have many interests in my life. I now live in Central California. I'm a Master Instructor for the Crystal Awareness Institute and am certified to teach all eight levels. I have been working with crystals and color stones for the pass 30 years. I do fine that teaching other how to use crystals and color stones is wonderful. I enjoy seeing other learning how to make they life's better. I have traveled throughout the United States and have been a key note speaker in Brazil as well as Hong Kong, Mexico and the United States. I'm also a Hot Stone Therapist. Hot stone massage is great fun for me. I have people come with some much stress and are you going to have me done on time have a hundred things to do. At the end of 1 1/2 hours it makes my smile to hear I thing I'll go home and just rest for the day. The best is very one laughing again. It warms the heart of all. Among my interests is a love of making Pine Needle Baskets. It is always fun to see how each pine needle basket is going to turn out.

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    Dowsing For Beginners

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    Dowsing for beginners is usually greeted with a myriad of questions. An often asked question is "what is a dowsing rod or divining rod and how does it work?" The question that should be asked is "What is dowsing?" ...