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My grandmother told me to never put all my eggs in one basket, and I think she's absolutely correct. I’m an avid reader of business and personal growth books and seminars, and one thing I’ve learned from great trainers such as Jim Rohn and Robert Kiyosaki (and my grandmother) is the importance of having multiple sources of income coming in. I do this for myself, and recommend this for all my clients... I work with people in the Beauty & Skin Care industry as a business consultant and help implement strategies and systems to grow their business, revenue and referrals, while motivating their employees and decreasing turnover. I also have a passion for technology, and also work in IT & Online E-Commerce. The two careers fit perfectly together. In my e-commerce business I own a piece of one of the largest shopping sites online. We offer 2-35% cash-back from major online retailers, and also carry exclusive lines including high quality nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, cosmetics, and dermatology strength anti-acne and anti-aging products (as well as products from other industries). I'm always looking to connect with positive people who enjoy life, business, and making a difference in people's lives.

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  • Nidania's Game of War Guides

    Nidania's Game of War Guides

    3 years ago

    Game of War, Fire Age Guide to setting up alt accounts for farms (for ore, food, wood, stone, and silver). Farms take a bit of time to set up up-front, but they will pump out resources FOREVER for you, saving you tons...