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Hi, my names Nic, I am currently a student and stay at home father. I enjoy spending my time with family, writing, traveling, snowboarding, & riding my motorcycle.

I write about many different topics, be it motorcycles, computers, hub help & fiction. Feel free to leave me feedback, criticism or praise; it will only better me as a writer.

If you choose to follow me, I guarantee you will be entertained and learn something new in the process. I thank you for taking the time to visit my profile page and look forward to hearing from you. Let your journey begin here.

To learn more about me, visit my interview conducted by Haunty in the Hub Pages Blog.


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      • Incoming Traffic; Facebook

        Incoming Traffic; Facebook

        3 years ago

        Is it possible to locate specifically where traffic is coming from; say on Facebook? I checked out Hubpages for the first time in awhile as I have been busy and noted that one hub received 18,000 views in one day. The...

      • Not getting paid from Hubpages

        Not getting paid from Hubpages

        4 years ago

        Has Hubpages increased the minimum payment threshold or changed their pay dates? I haven't received a payment since March 28th, since then I have accumulated $100.00+ without payment. Can someone explain to me why this...

      • Fake Hub Accounts; Followers

        Fake Hub Accounts; Followers

        4 years ago

        I'm not sure where to start this thread as the title pretty much says it. But, just recently (as of two weeks) I have been spammed by roughly 100+ fake Hubbers. I had viewed several of them after I was excited to see an...

      • Can't upload background picture on new profile.

        Can't upload background picture on new profile.

        5 years ago

        I've tried several differen't pictures but I keep getting the same message:Sorry, We cannot process the image you tried to upload. Please try a different file.The images are JPEG's Dimension circa 1600 x 1200, 422 KB....

      • SUGGESTION: Feedback Source

        SUGGESTION: Feedback Source

        5 years ago

        Often, I would like to know who is giving me feedback. Personally, I always try to give people some sort of feedback or comment. But, I feel that some people may just be "Generous". I would like to see where...

      • Referral's


        5 years ago

        I am having an impossible time trying to figure out how to refer my parents to HubPages.I understand the concept of an URL and where it is located. So my url to my "home page" is http/NAME/HP/com. I found my...

      • It is killing me

        It is killing me

        5 years ago

        I wrote the longest Hub I ever had. It seems to be getting feedback (One person even clicked beautiful, which is odd because I never considered it that). It is on a topic I know extremely well, yet, a topic that is...

      • Hub Challenges: Test your creativity

        Hub Challenges: Test your creativity

        5 years ago

        I scrolled through this forum looking for challenges. Yet, I only found two. This being said, let us create a place for new challenges.1. 30 Hubs in 30 Days: This can be varied, one Hubber is doing 7 in 7, a genious...

      • How To Write A Story.

        How To Write A Story.

        5 years ago

        My question is how do you write a story? I have been interested in writing a story that I can continue on a weekly or even daily basis (Hubs). Now, I have difficulty knowing what I want to do. For example how did J.K....

      • Ebay Affiliate Program

        Ebay Affiliate Program

        5 years ago

        I had signed up for the Ebay Affiliate Program about a week ago. It now says that the account is now active in my earnings page. But, I don't understand how you add the ebay items to your page. I checked all over hub...

      • Hub title change not changing in search engines.

        Hub title change not changing in search engines.

        5 years ago

        "How long does it take Google, Bing, Yahoo to update" For example: I just changed all of my titles to long tailed keywords since my original ones were vague. But, Google isn't recognizing the new titles. I...

      • Keyword Help!

        Keyword Help!

        5 years ago

        I must not be grasping "Key Words" I had used google adwords to choose the best title and put in tags that were relevent to the subject (Differen't ways it could be searched). For all 7 of my Hubs I have only...

      • New: What to expect?

        New: What to expect?

        5 years ago

        I see a lot of people wanting to know if they should "revamp" their hubs. All though it may not hurt to do so, I would like to know what I should expect as far as traffic,comments, & revenue. Question 1:...