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Hi, my name is Neil Keleher. 

My dad asked me recently about the type of yoga I teach. I tried to put it in a context he would understand and enjoy. When he was a firefighter he showed me one day how he operated the hyrdraulic crane of one of a fire truck that he worked on. When he was lifting the crane out of the cradle he would listen to the sound of the hydraulics. There would be a change in pitch just as the crane was about to lift out of the cradle. He'd adjust hand pressure on the controls so that the crane would lift smoothly instead of lurching.

More recently he drives boats across the Toronto harbour. He often tells me about the bad dockings where he over revs the engine or has to make several passes to get in. Then there are the smooth dockings where the boat kisses the dock on the first try.

I told him thats what I do when I teach yoga. I teach people how to smoothly dock their body into each posture. And I show them where to put their awareness so that they can smoothly activate muscle and smoothly relax it.

I try to apply the same sensitivity and control to when I practice Chinese calligraphy and when I do Tai Ji.  

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    Yoga Breathing for Ex-smokers

    5 years ago

    A friend asked me for some breathing exercises to help recover from the effects of smoking. This exercise is easy to do, improves body awareness and posture and feels good too.