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Originally from Sydney, I have always had a love for movies, T.V. series, music and photography.

I can party in the mud at a festival, have seen both indoor and outdoor gigs where I love nothing more than being in the mosh (as long as they arent doing that thing the kids all do nowdays where they just push each other.)

Ive been known to bingewatch almost complete seasons of a series having last watched The Magicians over a few days after the kids are snugly tucked into bed, wine in hand.

My passion is for horror/thriller scare the pants off you viewables and I am forever searching for either a movie I may have missed or a series I havent seen in this genre. My favourite being what will inevitably be a classic, The Walking Dead, for which I die a little inside, every year when the season ends. I love zombie movies also, having a great appreciation for Dawn of the Dead and its counterparts but I can also appreciate something as benign as Zoolander which is a favourite of mine.

Last year I discovered a neat little featival organised at Mount Cotton (Australia) - Horror Movie Campout which I have now attended twice and hope for a fattened up version next time. Ideas like this make me happy that people are still coming up with innovative places for people to hang out.

I watch so much square screen imagery that I thought I should put it to use and start reviewing.

I also dabble in photography in my spare time, having entries on Viewbug.com and Gurushots.com if you care to take a look - my profile is Nessaphotographs..

Would love to hear your comments, like, love or loathe... just getting my voice out there.

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