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I am a "noob", to all this submitting of articles and such, but I love to research and I love to share and motivate!

I've been a paramedic for seven years with a degree in Associates of Applied Science. I love science, researching, learning, laughing, experiencing new things, and helping people.

I was raised in poverty and as a little girl and was lead to believe I had a learning disability and failed at reading and writing (among other subjects) until I was in my mid-twenties. Then I found my voice. I'm 32 now and it's time to stop being afraid and write.

This is a place where I get to talk about all sorts of things, and share my experiences with you. I talk of everything from cooking, nutrition, travel, DIY, relationship...really whatever my husband and I have going on in our lives and what I'm learning along the way.

I am affiliated with a few companies (including amazon and more) that will naturally be mentioned in some of my articles as I do use their products because I love them. I believe in a high level of integrity and honesty. If you purchase something through the affiliate link of mine, I get a small percentage. Any extra income is a blessing. However, whether or not you buy something is not what matters most. I am honored that you stuck around to read my articles.

I have a particular interest now in self-image, nueroplasticity, positive thought patterns, and breaking negative ones.

Some articles will be deep, some fun, and light reading.

If I could just help one person, it would make my heart sing.



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