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Hi, My name is Bob Smith. I am a happily married conservative Christian author and I live in Rochester, New York with my lovely wife.

I have attended Logos Bible Institute and American International Bible Institute. I most enjoy writing insprirational and doctrinal articles from Scripture. Family is also very precious to me and there are many articles here about healthy family life, and recently about my interest in music.

I began my writing career after high school. I first published a help newsletter for newly adopting parents who had adopted crossing the line of race. It dealt with care of skin, hair, and also the coming social struggles social struggles that their child would face being a person of color (especially those with "white" parents). I next published a church newsletter called "Look Up And Not Down" for two years. My first book was published in 2010 entitled "Love Believes All Things - A Love Story In Verse."

I have known pain in my life, and that pain has matured me in various ways that have helped make me the man I am today. Now after retiring from the human service field after 40 years, I have rededicated my life to loving God and serving Him. It is a very exciting life when you live it with God.

I am a narrow-minded Christian but still like to think of myself as just broad-minded enough for God's use. (I am just not accepting of all human belief and behavior). I'm dogmatic on Scripture as the sole rule of truth and practice, but everything else is up for debate. I believe I am teachable, but because of that narrow-mindedness on Scripture I am not often budged from what I see as basic truths.

Since my retirement I have fulfilled a childhood dream of learning a musical instrument. I now am the contact person for the Upper New York State Chapter of the United States Ocarina Association.

I also am on Facebook. Come follow me on Facebook and enjoy some good reading. Feel free to chat and/or drop me a line or ask a question.

May you be blessed from my writing, my life, and my friendship. With much Christian love, Bob Smith (No Body).

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