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I love to write.  I have always found writing very soothing.  Expressing my thoughts and feelings has always helped my get through the tough times.  Hopefully some of my hubs help you get through them the same.  Feel free to comment on my hubs.  I love to hear from my readers.

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  • The Dying Process

    The Dying Process

    9 months ago

    The dying process, How do you know when death is near. What are the signs and how long does my loved one have? These are all questions many of us have

  • How do you forgive, When someone hasn't changed?

    How do you forgive, When someone hasn't changed?

    9 months ago

    thought the anger would be gone, it has been two years But your still in my mind and all my fears. I still can not believe what you did to the girls and I. There are many nights that I still cry The...

  • Betrayed By My Sister

    Betrayed By My Sister

    2 years ago

    You have lied, stole, and have hurt me to no end. You wonder why I don’t want to be your friend You lied to our mom, stole from her without any guilt. That is why there is this wall that I built I have given...