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I am a freelance journalist and broadcaster specialising in naval, maritime, aviation and history subjects. 

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  • Ole Evinrude and his outboard motor

    Ole Evinrude and his outboard motor

    7 months ago

    When it's hot we all want to cool down with an ice cream, but for inventor Ole Evinrude it led to the creation of the first of his outboard motors for boats and all because she wanted an ice cream.

  • The Saxon Shore Way

    The Saxon Shore Way

    7 months ago

    One of Great Britain's almost forgotten long distance walks, the Saxon Shore Way has been used for over 2000 years around the stunning and beguiling coastline of Kent and Sussex.

  • The World's Smallest Railway

    The World's Smallest Railway

    7 months ago

    The tiny carriages and trains are wonderfully unique as they travel along the Kent coastline but there is a marvellous history to the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Light Railway.

  • The Royal Air Force and the Thor missile

    The Royal Air Force and the Thor missile

    7 months ago

    Before the British got Polaris armed nuclear submarines the nations nuclear deterrent rested with the RAF and they had the fearsome power of American Thor missiles at their beck and call.

  • Westenhanger Castle in Kent

    Westenhanger Castle in Kent

    7 months ago

    Once a home to King Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth 1st, Westenhanger Castle is a wondrous place in the heart of the English countryside not far from Dover.

  • History of Chatham Dockyard

    History of Chatham Dockyard

    7 months ago

    The Naval Dockyard at Chatham in England was operational for more than four centuries. It is now home to a major visitor attraction as well as a thriving commercial port.

  • History of HMAS Murchison

    History of HMAS Murchison

    7 months ago

    HMAS Murchison was an Australian Navy frigate that entered service immediately after World War Two. She was based on the British Bay class frigates and served with distinction.

  • History of HMAS Culgoa

    History of HMAS Culgoa

    7 months ago

    One of four warships based on the British Bay class frigate design, HMAS Culgoa had a long and distinguished career within the Royal Australian Navy.

  • History of HMAS Condamine

    History of HMAS Condamine

    7 months ago

    HMAS Condamine was one of a number of Bay class frigates built for the Royal Australian Navy in the immediate aftermath of World War Two. Her career was varied and interesting.