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I was born long enough ago that I remember distinctly the election where Eisenhower was first elected President, and how much I hoped he would win. I even remember that he ran against Adlai Stevenson. But beyond that, I'm not telling! I grew up mainly in the American southwest, first in Texas, New Mexico, and then in Arizona. When I wasn't living somewhere in the area, I was figuring out how to get back. I have lived in Arizona for decades, and have traveled all over the state taking pictures, and also into southern Utah. In addition to photography, I also take part in other arts. I have a bachelor's degree in art. I was very much involved in pottery at the time, and learned glaze calculation as well. It was a lot of fun. I also did quite a bit with fiber arts. Nowadays, I also make digital landscapes, abstracts, fractal images, and Hubisms. Hubisms are promoted by Hubert Schaefer of Germany, and can be made in Bryce and Vue d'Esprit. My favorite program for digital landscapes is Terragen. For fractal images, I use Ultrafractal, Xenodream, Apophysis, and Chaoscope. I am married to John, the founder of CompuServe. We have seven children, all grown. And we have thirteen living grandchildren, so far. Two of our children are adopted (and two of the grandchildren as well), and three of the others were born at home. I studied midwifery for awhile. We also homeschooled, and I'm sure I learned much more than the kids did, though it's hard to say. Because of the things we did, I learned to play two new musical instruments (in addition to the two I already played) and I sang in the Masterworks Chorale. I also learned to read 15 languages (and counting). This was a result of attending German classes with our children. I learned the law well enough to operate in the courtroom, and defeat some lawyers now and then. And I learned about raising goats and other animals, including exotic Siamese cats, even doing a little veterinary medicine with the animals now and then, and I learned how to contract the building of a house. The family did most of the work, although we hired people to put in the slab and the outside walls, though our oldest son was part of the crew. Our house is made of rammed earth, and has passive solar heating. We have ten acres, mostly natural desert. I also have been writing a book on the uses of Sonoran Desert plants. We are inholders; our land borders a national park. I hold a second degree black belt in Taekwondo. In addition to all of these things, I was one of the founders of Feminists for Life I ran the organization for five years. It is still going strong, and has been in existence since 1972. Feminists for Life has accomplished some very worthwhile things. Among other things, the wife of our Supreme Court Chief Justice has been involved, and FFL submitted an amicus curiae brief in one court case on the subject of abortion, which resulted in a very strong ruling for women. The primary activity of FFL is going onto college campuses and presenting the feminist case against abortion, as well as starting college outreach programs, which help women who become pregnant while they are students. It is estimated that this program has helped 10,000 women and spared them and their children from unwanted abortions. Carrying on with this work on a lower level, I presently help women on the internet by making myself available in discussion groups, and web sites where women can ask questions. I also learned web development. My professional web site, built from the ground up, is Extraplicity. I tend to post my art on many different web sites. Most of my work is on deviantART I also post on Webshots, Red Bubble, Art Wanted, Art Mesh, 3D Commune, Renderosity, Saatchi Gallery, Flickr, and other sites. At Shutterfreaks, I am "Arizona Artist" and at Weather Underground, I am "Desert Nomad". I also have a web page on the Thrivent Financial for Lutherans site, where I am known as "Desert Nomad." I have a few T-shirts available for sale on Printfection. And I have a couple of small professional galleries at Creative Shake. I have won awards from deviantART, Upstream Gallery, Energy Gallery, International Color Awards, and Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. I am nearly a lifelong Lutheran, and I am also interested in Christian apologetics. I like discussing religion and politics. My main web site, with thousands of pages of content, is here: Seghea. As you can see, I don't keep very busy! ;) I am delighted to be here. I look forward to getting to know many of you. For those of you who are interested, I am a transplant from Squidoo.

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