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I've loved perfume since my best friend in high school talked me into an inappropriate perfume for a 16-year-old girl - musky, sensuous, way too dirty. But I loved it.  From that moment on, I was always looking for the perfect perfume. It wasn't until I went into my first department store, Macy's, and saw that amazing Estee Lauder display full of perfume and more all over the place that I realized how much was out there.

I followed my passion over my lifetime, eventually starting a perfume review blog, www.perfumeposse.com once I landed in niche perfumeland, where I now reside.  

A founding partner in Surrender to Chance, a perfume sample and decant company, it is my mission to make sure no one every buys a full bottle unsniffed again. There is no greater disappointment than forking over $100 or more for a bottle of perfume that smelled great for the 1 minute you spent with it in the department store, only to bring it home and wind up hating it or, worse!  not even caring about it because it's boring.

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