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Not sure what to write as there isn't much to say about me. I am a full time mother of four children aged 18,16,14,9. Most of my time is spent on domestic stuff and ferrying the kids around from one place to another. Interests, when I get the chance, include genealogy,food and cooking and music. I love working online from home and having the freedom to spend time with the kids while they are growing up. Having said that I look forward to the day when I can persue some of my own interests more fully, although I will probably just find that I am spending my time looking after grandchildren! I have major worries about the future for our children and grandchildren and the environmental legacy we are leaving behind for them. Also wish that we could reverse the 'disconnection' we seeem to have with our food, where it comes from,what effect it has on us and what the environmental consequences of proeoducing it sometimes are.

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    Battery Operated Coffee Maker

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    A battery operated coffee maker can be a very useful little gadget indeed. How often have you been stuck somewhere freezing cold and just dying for a nice hot cup of Joe! Where these little gadgets really come into...