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Peter Hann is a UK accountant and writes on finance, investment and tax topics.

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  • Measuring Innovation Pipeline Strength

    Measuring Innovation Pipeline Strength

    3 years ago

    The measurement of the innovation pipeline strength is an important factor in managing research projects and ensuring that the company’s whole research and development strategy is on course.

  • The Objectives of Process Costing

    The Objectives of Process Costing

    3 years ago

    Process costing is useful where an industrial process goes through a number of stages and the output of one stage of the process becomes the input for the next.

  • Advantages of Investing in Krugerrands

    Advantages of Investing in Krugerrands

    3 years ago

    For the small investor gold coins hold an advantage owing to the convenience of storage and ease of sale. For this type of investor Krugerrands may be the best type of gold investment.