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Pew Singh is the director of Raising-Angels.com, with his wife Martine Baanvinger. Raising-Angels.com is a website and blog dedicated to the raising of children in a positive, natural, creative and nurturing way.

All aspects of parenting are covered with always a focus on how to do it in a positive way, taking into consideration how the child views it.

Nutrition and health are also covered, in particular diet and medicine.  As well as holistic and inspirational parenting.

We believe that the world we create is shaped around the parenting that is given to our children. Hence we can bring Peace into the world by starting with how we parent our future generations.

Please see the article on our website about the Emoto Peace Project, under the heading World Peace, in the left sidebar.

This article offers every child in the world a FREE copy of Dr Masaru Emoto's book. His groundbreaking studies have shown how we shape our world through our emotions and speech. He wishes to bring Peace into the world by teaching children his theories.

Enjoy the articles that we post here and please visit our website/blog for others.

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