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~ The effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind ~

~ The mere impulse to appetite is slavery, while obedience to law we prescribe ourselves in liberty ~



So as to not take too much of your time, I'll make it quick. Philanthropy2012 promises educational, debateable and well written content that will either inform or enrage you.

Philanthropy covers a wide array of subjects from humanitarian issues like law, abortion, and religion's worth in society, to free resources for learning languages (French, Japanese, Russian and English) and Biology. Additionally, I often share my knowledge of health issues.

Note: Although often controversial, these articles are written in order to promote morality and wellbeing. Feedback is welcome but try and keep it constructive - I understand that these are difficult topics and they can get very frustrating, but remember that the carrot is always better than the stick. At least certainly for this particular Hubber!

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