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Hey guys! I work at a call center, so I'm around phones all of the time. Unfortunately, call centers don't pay very well, so I've started to search for ways to save money on my monthly phone bill. There are a ton of great options out there to save money on your bill. However, there's not as much information out there about them. Here's a run-down of great phone options so you can stay connected without being broke. Profile Image Courtesy: freedigitalphotos.net

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  • The Vonage Competitors - Which One Will Save You The MOST?

    The Vonage Competitors - Which One Will Save You The MOST?

    4 years ago

    But are they truly the best? Or the cheapest? Considering that Vonage has over 2.4 Million Subscribers, you might tend to think so. CLICK HERE TO SEE MY TOP PICK FOR A VONAGE ALTERNATIVE. International calling from...

  • Ooma vs. Vonage—Which is Best?

    Ooma vs. Vonage—Which is Best?

    5 months ago

    Is there something better than Vonage? Of all the options, Ooma offers the least geeky, most easy-to-set-up phone service with the best sound quality. Read on for a comparison to help you decide!

  • Obi vs Ooma

    Obi vs Ooma

    4 years ago

    Obi Vs. Ooma? Which one is the better system. Here's a run-down comparison of the differences in costs, benefits and features of both the Ooma and the Obihai Voip systems. Click here to check Ooma and Obi prices on...

  • Ooma Hub Vs. Telo

    Ooma Hub Vs. Telo

    4 years ago

    You've decided to cut the tie to your phone bill forever! Ooma is a great choice (it's the one I've decided to go with). But now there's the debate of Hub vs. Telo. Which one to go with? Hopefully this lens can answer...