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I'm the retired owner of a small engine repair shop. I have over 25 years experience in the repair of residential and commercial outdoor power equipment and have either been factory certified or authorized to provide service for over forty different lines of outdoor power equipment over the years.

I'm an avid outdoorsman with a lifetime of experience in the woods and on the lake. My passions are hunting and fishing. My experience in firearms, hunting and fishing includes being a Police firearms instructor, tournament archer and tournament bass angler. I've spent most of my life outdoors in the pursuit of these passions and am pursuing a retirement career as an outdoors writer.

Bar-B-Q is my other pastime. Getting together for a competition with my team, Pigdemonium, for a weekend of ribs, shoulders or whole hog cookin', nothing like it.

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  • Riding Mower Engine Dies When I Engage the Blades

    Riding Mower Engine Dies When I Engage the Blades

    4 years ago

    Do you attempt to engage the mowing deck of your riding mower and the engine dies? How about you try to release the brake and the engine dies? Probably you have a bad seat switch, otherwise known as the operator...

  • Cooking Wild Boar Pork Chops

    Cooking Wild Boar Pork Chops

    6 years ago

    I needed an easy pork chop recipe because I went on a Georgia wild pig hunt a few weeks ago. This was my first hunt where I was specifically looking for wild boar, or wild hogs if you prefer. Managed to kill a nice...

  • Easy Deer Meatballs Recipe

    Easy Deer Meatballs Recipe

    5 years ago

    You have the deer meat in the freezer but what can you do with it? Meatballs are an easy recipe that are delicious, fast and can be "re-purposed" into spaghetti, sandwiches or just popped in the microwave for a quick...

  • White Smoke From My Engine

    White Smoke From My Engine

    4 years ago

    "Clouds of white smoke." This is one of the common complaints we see at the small engine shop in the Spring. The complaint is usually the same, "I put the Tractor/mower/tiller/snowthrower up for the season and it was...

  • Valve Adjustment, Compression Release and a Hard to Start Briggs and Stratton Engine

    Valve Adjustment, Compression Release and a Hard to Start Briggs and Stratton Engine

    5 years ago

    Is your Briggs and Stratton engine hard to start? Does the engine struggle to turn over and it seems as though the starter must be bad or the battery dead? Is it time to pay big bucks for lawnmower repair? How will you...

  • Carburetor Problems

    Carburetor Problems

    5 years ago

    It's frustrating isn't it? You prime the carburetor on the Briggs and Stratton, Tecumseh or other brand engine on your lawnmower or snowblower or other outdoor power equipment and it starts for a few seconds and then...