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I recently moved from rural northeastern Pennsylvania to Virginia Beach. The change from country to city is not as drastic as you would think. Aside from my love of this area and my desire to change my environment, this city is spread out; it seems more like a giant town.

I live with two cats that allow me to be their servant. They are kind and loving royalty.

I hope you enjoy my writing and I'm looking forward to hearing from you too.

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  • 8 Tips for Naming Your Cat

    8 Tips for Naming Your Cat

    13 months ago

    As a guardian, naming your cat is an important step in his or her life. After all, this will be a member of your family and companion for the next ten or twenty years.

  • How to Re-Carpet Your Cat Tower

    How to Re-Carpet Your Cat Tower

    13 months ago

    Ten years ago, without a plan, I made a tower for my cat. Recently, I took it apart and remade it. You can recover yours or make a new one with these instructions.