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I am a HR professional that is currently working on his PHD in Psychology. I am also a walking contradiction that believes in truth in contradiction (or truth in paradoxes). Furthermore, I am an existentialist of the French variety (there is a God, and the universe is absurd). Being an existentialist often gets me in trouble, because I question everything (e.g., should your spouse be your best friend?). I love writing, psychology, horror movies, comedies (especially dark comedies), and laughing. Oh, I also firmly believe that mean people suck (I mean that in the most politically correct way possible). As an aside, I have started a new blog at http://pmorries.wordpress.com for those who are gluttons for punishment. In addition, I have started a new blog that is written specifically for survivors: http://survivorrants.blogspot.com/ In closing, You can follow me at https://twitter.com/#!/pmorries1

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  • Funny One-Liners | Humorous Quotations

    Funny One-Liners | Humorous Quotations

    4 years ago

    The only thing that I love more than one-liners are quotes. Originally, I had gathered some of my favorite one-liners and put them together for an article, Hub, or lens, but I soon realized that there are many articles...