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I came to HP over six years ago and on fire with anger over injustices healthcare givers give to the feeble minded, old and weak who cannot tell on them. I had witnessed much of it with treatment to my own mother and could never do anything about it. I screamed and cried, ranted and raved. It seemed to make no difference but if it made even one family look closer at how their loved one was being treated, at least it was not for nothing!

Now I write about many things as others here do; just whatever falls on my heart.

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  • Double Chins / Fat Faces / Hairstyles to Hide Them

    Double Chins / Fat Faces / Hairstyles to Hide Them

    19 months ago

    Need help with a double chin or fat face? Here are a few ideas and others thoughts on that.

  • The Rape and Murder of Riley Fox

    The Rape and Murder of Riley Fox

    18 months ago

    une 6th, 2004 a little girl named Riley Fox was abducted and murdered in the small town of Wilmington, Ill., southwest of Chicago. Three year old Riley Fox vanished, and her father became the prime suspect. Kevin Fox,...

  • Darlie Routier: Over Twenty Years on Death Row

    Darlie Routier: Over Twenty Years on Death Row

    8 weeks ago

    Darlie Routier remains behind bars over a decade even after jurors that found her guilty said if they had seen the defense wounds on her arms they never would have found her guilty! Read what her mother has to say here...

  • The Bee Gees

    The Bee Gees

    2 months ago

    The Bee Gees is an article on one of the greatest bands in history; the brothers Gibb; Barry, Maurice, and Robin. A few facts, a few songs and a great love for a group that has a sound like no other! Could voices of...