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I love to write, blog, read, garden, cook and travel.  Not necessarily in that order. 


I have been blogging since 2006 in a personal Blog.  It kind of started when I relocated to Bangkok, Thailand due to my Husband’s work.   So, I wanted to communicate my experience and news of us, as a family, on a daily/weekly basis to families and friends around the world.   Since then, I have been hooked on blogging.   Even after I relocated back home.


While in Bangkok, Thailand, we travelled extensively on road.  This is the best way to visit non-touristic areas of Thailand.  This was how I fell in love with the people, the food and the culture of the Land of Smiles.  An experience of a lifetime and memories to cherish.


Back to home country, I In May 2010, we moved into a house with land, enough space for  the kids to run around and have a Vegetable Garden too.  That was how I got into Organic Vegetable Gardening.  The experience has been exciting! 


I like to share my life and experiences…. Come and join the ride.




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