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I’ll introduce myself by moving back in time. I started online writing in 2007 out of curiosity (75%) and belief (25%)—that there’s no harm in trying. Though I didn’t hope much, I was thrilled (confused is more appropriate) with the result: the first article was accepted. Fluke or fate? I submitted a couple more of articles that I’ve seriously work on. Later without much thought, I abandoned the abrupt venture of writing.

Two years later, I reunited with online writing not anymore confused but absolutely thrilled because I’ve found a new hobby that is not so hard to fall in love with. From then on, I’ve explored other ways or tone of expressing myself in written words--and found blogging--away from home.

Though I can’t write full time, I can say this is a hobby that I can always go back to whenever time permits or whenever the urge to write my thoughts is too persuasive to just ignore.

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