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Vanessa Is an author in love with the written word. An avid reader since the age of 10, she began learning to write poetry and prose shortly after.

Vanessa has published two collections of poetry so far. Her first, "One Foot Out of the Box'" is her breakout collection. It is available from Iuniverse.com and Amazon.com. The second, "Don't Curse the Verse," is an easy read poetry guide combined with Vanessa's gut-wrenching contemporary poetry. It is available from Lulu.com

COMING SOON! Vanessa's new booki called Role Playing for Writers. It is a book about using creative play and characterizations to break through writer's block. Although she doesn't have a release date yet, she is working feverishly to have it ready for release in September. It will be available from Lulu.com as soon as it is ready. If you like her creative writer's prompts hubs, you should find it fascinating.

Vanessa is also revamping her website to reflect her more recent work. There will be more on that in the near future.

Vanessa recently became a student at Southern New Hampshire University in the Creative Writing/English program. She hopes to increase her skill in order to offer better reading for her followers. She also hopes to earn the chance to teach at one of the local colleges.

Vanessa is updating her hubs. She has added more media and some additional text in some cases, and there is more to come. Vanessa says: "I was at a point when I thought I would quit hubpages, but I reconsidered. I will replace some of the hubs I removed. I also want to add many more. I really like what they have done with the site recently." Look for her hub collection to grow very soon.

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