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I belong to one of the elite Chirtian missionary family that diverged from the district of Tirunelveli to various quarters of Tamil Nadu like Madurai, Chennai, Tanjavur and SriLanka. My forefathers, as the focus of this hub page will be of my direct forefather, Reverend Thirithuvadasan, who settled and served the community of now Madurai-Ramnad District with the American Missionaries in various sectors besides Chirsitanity like education and hygiene. Many of his contributions to this scoeity now serve as the abode to the civil servants in these districts spanning as Madurai, Melur, Sivagangai and Ramnad, besides those of CSI Madurai-Ramnad Diocese.

My work experience gains knowledge in various sectors of education, development, business and knowledge process outsorucing, research and pharmaceutical industries. I have been to Australia for a short tenure of 3 years to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Biology.

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    Reverend Thirithuvadasan

    5 months ago

    The Golden Era of Harmony and Civilization for the City of Madurai, Temple City of India, goes not only to the deeds and works of The American Missionaries but also to the various investments made.