Ragnar Taltos

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 Many years ago I woke up from the apathetic malaise that traps so many people. Upon awakening, I realized that there were many things that could not be easily explained. I wondered at why other people did not see this, and after the Internet became available I began searching for information and clues to help me understand what has been occuring.

 Not only did I find clues, but I found others like myself who saw through the thin veneer placed there to obscure the reality of what was, and what is.  

  So, if you seek knowledge, if you seek the truth. If you are tired of being spoon fed lies and deception, join me in my search for a reality free of clouds and haze, even though centuries of work by science and the ruling class be disrupted, together we can banish the masks, the deception and recover the truth.

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  • MonsterQuest and how Not to find a Dinosaur

    MonsterQuest and how Not to find a Dinosaur

    6 years ago

    The concept of the History Channel's Monsterquest show intrigues me. Actually taking myths, legends, or sightings of unknown creatures, creatures thought to be extinct, is one I find fascinating. So I record the...

  • Proof of Ancient Flight

    Proof of Ancient Flight

    6 years ago

    There are many ancient things that cannot be explained by modern science, they are scattered all over the world. How did the Egyptians cut, move, and construct the Pyramids? What purpose did the Lines of Nazka Peru...