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Hello dear readers, my name is Rami Nawfal. I'm from Beirut, Lebanon and I currently reside in Tempe, Arizona.

Like hundreds of millions of people roaming this earth, I love films. I began taking an interest in cinema when doing my undergrad in psychology at the American University of Beirut and decided to pursue film criticism after obtaining my masters in addiction counseling from Grand Canyon University.

I will be posting my written movie reviews here. You can see the video reviews on my Youtube channel "Rami The Critic". Follow me on my channel's Facebook page of the same name!

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  • Blade Runner 2049: A Mesmerizing Work of Allegorical Sci-Fi Art

    Blade Runner 2049: A Mesmerizing Work of Allegorical Sci-Fi Art

    14 hours ago

    Visually spellbinding, cohesive, deeply layered, emotionally resonant, and masterfully acted, Blade Runner 2049 could very well be the greatest sequel in the history of cinema. Go see it immediately!

  • "American Made" Reviewed

    "American Made" Reviewed

    7 days ago

    A funny, entertaining, relevant, well acted, but glib film loosely based on the exploits of TWA pilot turned gunrunner and drug smuggler, Barry Seal. It's like a cocaine rush absent a future craving.

  • 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' Reviewed

    'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' Reviewed

    2 weeks ago

    Messy, overstuffed, and inconsistently entertaining, "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" is a botched attempt at going bigger and bolder. An immensely disappointing sequel to a good predecessor.

  • 'It' (2017) Movie Review

    'It' (2017) Movie Review

    3 weeks ago

    "It" is the first live-action adaptation of the eponymous iconic Stephen King novel in 27 years. An emotionally and comically resonant film that's more about the journey rather than the destination.

  • The Circle Reviewed

    The Circle Reviewed

    5 weeks ago

    The Circle starring Emma Watson and Tom Hanks is the ideal example of wasted potential. Good performances and interesting ideas marred by a clumsy script and unsympathetic characters. I say skip this.

  • Dunkirk Reviewed

    Dunkirk Reviewed

    5 weeks ago

    An unusual type of film for Christopher Nolan as his films are epic in length and driven by dialogue. Using body language and shots to do the storytelling, Nolan demonstrates impressive versatility.

  • 'Wind River'-Film Review

    'Wind River'-Film Review

    6 weeks ago

    A review of 'Wind River', directed by Taylor Sheridan.