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Finally, my own personal page on the WWW!

I've always been a more "behind the scenes" type of guy, but I thought it was about time that I shared things that have interested me both in my professional and personal life.

So here I am.

And no, that's not me in the profile image.

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  • Advertising That Works

    Advertising That Works

    5 years ago

    By means of advertising, manufacturers tell the public about the things they make in order to try to sell more of them. So many goods are advertised and the advertising is done in so many ways that in a single day it is...

  • History of Advertising

    History of Advertising

    6 years ago

    In a sense, advertising began around 3200 B.C. when the Egyptians stenciled inscriptions of the names of kings on the temples being built. Later they wrote runaway-slave announcements on papyrus. Signboards were placed...

  • The Techniques of Advertising

    The Techniques of Advertising

    6 years ago

    Advertisers use a wide variety of copy and art techniques in their effort to gain and hold the attention of prospective customers and to stimulate buying. These selling methods vary according to the nature of the...

  • Large-Scale Advertising

    Large-Scale Advertising

    6 years ago

    All businesses, from the smallest neighborhood grocery store to the largest corporation, make use of advertising in some way. However, it is the advertising operation on a large scale of the biggest corporations that is...

  • Advertising Influence

    Advertising Influence

    6 years ago

    Advertising has had a tremendous influence on society. However, many people sharply disagree as to whether this influence has been bad or good. Advertising has certainly played an important part in making modern goods...

  • Advertising Media

    Advertising Media

    6 years ago

    Advertisers can use numerous media, or means, to deliver their sales messages. The principal media are newspapers, magazines, television, radio, direct mail, outdoor signs, websites, and point-of-sale or...