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My husband and I recently sold our house and are now on an adventure.  All of our wordly posessions are in a storage locker in Conway, South Carolina.

Since we are not tied down we decided to use the time to travel - a lot.  This Adventure started in mid-December when we moved into a beach-front condo in Myrtle Beach until the end of February when we went to Tampa.  Toward the end of March we will then do a tour of Florida, then to Savanah, then back to Myrtle Beach.

After we do our taxes and visit our storage unit we will spend a month in Europe.

Learning to live without your "shell" is a skill I am learning.  It is so much easier to do something like this with a computer.  I can' work on computer projects when it is raining!  Meanwhile, I have to get ready to go to a Spring Training baseball game.  Go Tigers!

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