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A renaissance man is a cultured and educated man in areas of intellectual pursuits and skills.
Those are pretty strong adjective of which I am hesitant to use with myself lol.
I do however enjoy the pursuit of knowledge in as many different areas and subjects as I can. There are so many wonderful ideas and concepts to explore in life that I like to dabble in as many as I can. However that is probably also a drawback as I rarely stay with one thing long enough to be considered an expert on a topic.

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  • Vitamin K food sources

    Vitamin K food sources

    6 years ago

    Vitamin K is a fat soluble, hydrophobic vitamin used in the conversion of proteins in the body.  The hydrophobic part means that it does not merge well with water. The fat-soluble part means that it gets carried...

  • How to change a flat tire

    How to change a flat tire

    6 years ago

    Many may not believe that knowing how to change a flat tire is an important skill. With today's technology and conveniences it may not seem to be needed anymore. I too felt this way but a recent experience changed my...

  • Growing the African Red Devil pepper plant

    Growing the African Red Devil pepper plant

    6 years ago

    The Piri piri pepper, also called the African red devil pepper, is a very spicy African pepper that can grow in small containers and under most types of desk lamps. Its an easy and fun way to grow peppers just about...