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I grew up on the beaches of Southern California and call Huntington Beach my home. With degrees in Psychology and Early Childhood Education, I have worked with at-risk kids of all ages and in many different settings, including outreach preschool programs, special education, high school campus security, juvenile justice, youth and family services, and residential treatment. As a Military Family Specialist and Parent Educator, I spent the final years of my career training Navy Caregivers and working with Marine Corps and Navy families

I am now enjoying my retirement years, which allows me the freedom to chip away at my bucket list. I love traveling, riding motorcycles, and spending time with friends and family, especially my grandchildren. I spend my time writing, working on my many projects, and embracing my experience of living in the country. My first book, Military ABCs will be published soon, along with a companion coloring book. It is a family coffee table book that honors our troops, our veterans, and all of our military services. 


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