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In a world of chaos and complexity, I prefer simplicity... (that was yesterday; today I am okay with complexity).

I have been gone for awhile, but... I am back. I opened up a brand new account so that I can start out fresh with some different writing styles than that of which I have written in the past. My past poems and rhymes will be put into a book for each of my children, as will these newly written rhyming poems, and song lyrics.

My writings are dedicated to my beautiful children. They are my life-energy, my greatest inspirations, and the fullness of my love :-) I am amazed by them.

~The Lord, Jesus Christ, is The Shepherd, Savior, and Light of my soul!

~Through The Eyes of A Child

.If I could glimpse through a child’s eyes

at all the wondrous beauty that they see,

My eyes would drink in so much joy,

and these captivating feasts would satisfy me!


I would see the sun glossing a sugar-pink rose,

and a turquoise river flowing wild and free;

There would be rainbows on every corner,

with colors, (as an adult), that I shall never see!


If I could glimpse through a child’s eyes,

at all the glorious treasures that they see,

My mind would dream of bedazzling things,

and my lips would speak in poetry!


I would see sparkling purple jewels,

falling through a blue, velvety sky at night,

And I would be able to touch each one,

and then slide down their glittery trail of light!


If I could glimpse through a child’s eyes,

at all the precious magic that they see,

I would forever be enchanted,

for it would be from my heart that my eyes did spree!


© 2017 Tamara Yancosky Moore


Toxic Prince Harming

She thought she had found her prince,

but he turned out to be a dreadful frog;

He told her she was his sweet princess,

but he treated her worse than a rabid dog.


When she told him the relationship was over,

he became vicious and smeared her name;

It further validated her reasons for leaving him,

and she could finally see all of his toxic shame.


His Red Flags had been shown to her early on,

and viewed by her very clearly in this dance.

But, she chose to hide from every one of them,

because being in-love put her in such a gratifying trance.


But, now she is so much stronger;

She is cloaked with the armor of self-love and self-respect.

She figuratively boils every new frog she meets,

and makes sure the past ones do not return to reinfect.


© 2017 Tamara Yancosky Moore


Love & Hugs!

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