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Barbara Bethard (RNMSN)

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I have worked in the healthcare field the majority of my adult life. My experiences as a registered nurse have ranged from labor and delivery to home health and now I work as an advanced practice health coach for a large wellness organization.

I have loved writing here on HubPages and enjoy getting my few pay days from Google and adsense. I do not make an exorbitant amount of money writing but I love to write because it is fun and fullfilling.

HubPages makes that really easy, too, because of the wonderful people here who, just like me, write because they love it! We love and support one another in our efforts and that is the best thing, after all.

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      • ads


        2 years ago

        I apologize if I am not posting this question in the proper place. I apologize if my query is not clear/its a weird phenomen and I am not sure how to describe it but will do my bestMy question has to do with words that...

      • Kontera?


        3 years ago

        I received an email this week rom Kontera stating that payment for Oct would now show up in JanuaryDoes this have anything to do with our Ad sense program through HP?is it Google?Any help would be greatly...

      • editing,upub or deleting old hubs

        editing,upub or deleting old hubs

        4 years ago

        When trying to edit,unpublish or delete hubs that are too old or not seeing any traffic the program seems to freeze/I end up having to do one or two at the max a day...I do not think its my computer as this is the only...

      • this hub upset me

        this hub upset me

        6 years ago

        I need to know if I am way off base here..heres the link to the aforementined hub and my reply...do I need to grovel and beg forgiveness?http://lauraginn.hubpages.com/hub/Why-C … n-Articleshere is my commentI see...

      • copied hubs

        copied hubs

        6 years ago

        I have been hearing a bit recently about work being copied///how do I find out if that is happening to my work?

      • commercial on my hub

        commercial on my hub

        7 years ago

        well heres a first...a commercial posted as a comment by a hubber without followers and without hubs! Anyone else see this on their comments?

      • hubages payout

        hubages payout

        7 years ago

        do I always have to get past 100 dollars amer to get a hubpages check?

      • log in verification

        log in verification

        7 years ago

        I dont mind doing it once but I do wish there was a way that it could identify my laptop, my keystrokes/mistakes lolcause I always make a mistake!!!does the verification thingy at the sign in page annoy anyone else?

      • problems


        7 years ago

        sometimes the feedback button will not work so I can rate the ubs I like 'up'a lot of times the messages I post at the end of other peoples articles goes blank after i hit reply then the message "something went...

      • common license question

        common license question

        8 years ago

        if I decide I love one of my hubs so much that I want to get a common license then do I push the button  while still in editing mode for that hub and copy/paste the license code info there? That says it is NOT for...

      • 30 hubs in 30 days

        30 hubs in 30 days

        8 years ago

        I am starting inn this chllenge...scared but true;hope anyonew ho has time will check out a few of my hubs!!! Thnks! Iwish you guys luck/will you do the same for myself? Thanks!! I needed that!!!