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Robert A. Sloan, 55, disabled, lives in Russellville, Arkansas with family and his devoted Siamese sidekick, Ari Cat. Ari purrs at you and sheds cat hairs of inspiration on you! Robert is the author of Raven Dance, a science fiction epic available at iUniverse.com or Amazon, two pro-published short stories and numerous online articles at eHow, HubPages and his blog. Owner and creator of Explore Oil Pastels with Robert Sloan, he's building an online reference book on a little-known but wonderful art medium with plenty of free online art lessons from beginner to expert.

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  • Tips for Painting with Pan Pastels

    Tips for Painting with Pan Pastels

    5 years ago

    Pan Pastels from LLC Colorfin Inc. are a great innovation in art supplies. Pan Pastels are soft pastels that come in plastic pans, not sticks you hold in your hand but something that looks like a lady's compact filled...