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Maree Michael Martin (Ruby H Rose)

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We are having fun taking pictures, writing on the paper, freeing the mind, body and soul. 

Simple pleasures.  Yes.  Such wonderful energy flows from this writing life.

We are still discovering where this road of writing will take us.  

A dreamer, a storyteller, a traveler of Great Mystery.

We love to explore, seek out adventures, tell the story, communicate with words of action.

We have found pure joy in being able to express ourselves in all the creative ways nature continues to provide for us.


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  • City of My Soul, Remembering.

    City of My Soul, Remembering.

    9 months ago

    Following through on the faith of a loving and trusted friend; that took my hand and said way back then; "No matter how long it takes, never give up on yourself, go until you make a dream, a reality.

  • Love, Joy, Peace, Happiness and Laughter

    Love, Joy, Peace, Happiness and Laughter

    11 months ago

    Life teaches us to complete joy, we must complete tears. Peace comes only after knowing conflict. Happiness is only found through acceptance, and Laughter, well, thank goodness, without laughter, I would have buried...

  • Peace and Joy In Pictures

    Peace and Joy In Pictures

    9 months ago

    Hiking, walking, holding hands strolling side by side, down by the river or on a beach. Going for a train ride, especially over mountains. Love to watch new homes being built before the inside walls a

  • Thankful for All My Senses

    Thankful for All My Senses

    14 months ago

    These 5 senses came to me in answer to the question "Can You List 5 things that you are thankful for that you didn't buy." I love the challenge of answering a question with a Hub. At first I was stumped....