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A mother of two wonderful boys and a writer hoping for her dreams to come true- I guess that summarizes who I am and what I am made of.

With Complex PTSD, menopause and Non Epileptic Seizures that accompany my everyday life, I would say that my life may not be as exciting as others, but the experiences I have gone through are what I share in my writing. And there is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that somewhere out there, I might be able to inspire someone to continue surviving amidst all the different adversities that life offers.

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  • Are you a victim of the Silent Treatment?

    Are you a victim of the Silent Treatment?

    2 months ago

    Silent treatment may come in many forms, but it always account to one fact- it is torture to the one at the receiving end. Are you a victim? This might help you understand why it happens

  • Struggles of a Single Mom

    Struggles of a Single Mom

    2 months ago

    In this day and age when single parenthood is becoming more like a trend than a problem, more are open to the idea of parenting children on their own. But the reality behind it is daunting.

  • Stroke of Tragedy

    Stroke of Tragedy

    8 months ago

    This poem provides a door to the mind of one who suffers from PTSD; a voice to those who might have a hard time opening up because they believe no one would undertand.

  • Its Important to Set Your Priorities Straight

    Its Important to Set Your Priorities Straight

    5 years ago

    I remember being asked the same question when I was in high school for our GMRC (Good Manners and Right Conduct) class. A lot of students mentioned that the most important thing in their lives is their "studies" [it...

  • The Wonders of Being a Mother

    The Wonders of Being a Mother

    5 years ago

    Motherhood they say is a gift. Is it really? For many women out there, motherhood gives them a sense of fulfillment especially when it comes to being able to share their lives with the ones they love.

  • The Pains of being Born to a Broken Family

    The Pains of being Born to a Broken Family

    5 years ago

    Broken families are becoming more of a "fad" in this modern society. Is it but normal to undergo this process of separation among couples? What are specific situations that the children have to face in line with this...