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Welcome 2 my hub ! I am a Ex Skateboarder, pro blogger and entrepreneur.

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      • Tags Help

        Tags Help

        8 years ago

        Hi there. Can someone tell me more about why tags are so important on HP ? Why is it there and what doe sit help with?

      • Criss Angel ???

        Criss Angel ???

        8 years ago

        Anyone here seen some of the crazy stuff Criss Angel does? Can anyone please share their personal opinions as to if this is real or not? I have done some research on what he does, and from a spiritual point of view, is...

      • Adsense Help

        Adsense Help

        8 years ago

        Hi there, since i am not toally clued up with Adsense in full, i need some help ! I understand HP shares a 60/40 page impression count with its users. So what is the difference between your Adsense eCPM and your actual...

      • Lets motivate our fellow hubbers !

        Lets motivate our fellow hubbers !

        8 years ago

        Might be a weird way to motivate our fellow hubbers, but lets give it a try ! My idea is to show everyone out there that you can make some extra bucks with hubpages. Feel free to post your average/daily earnings here....

      • Thank you guys !

        Thank you guys !

        8 years ago

        I have had a rough run in the forums the last week or two. Despite all the negative critic and being shot down, it also made me realize a lot ! I am proud to say, i took some of the advice i was given, changed my hubs...

      • South Africans

        South Africans

        8 years ago

        Hey ! Is there any South AFricans here ?

      • Hubpages - Help me

        Hubpages - Help me

        8 years ago

        Can anyone tell me if there is a limit to how many hubs you can publish? If any !

      • Huubpage - Trend Survey

        Huubpage - Trend Survey

        8 years ago

        We all know about Google Trends, right? Now let us do something different and focus within hubpages for a second. I would like to know what our fellow hubbers would like to see and read about. This might be something...

      • My Hubpage Experiment

        My Hubpage Experiment

        8 years ago

        Fellow Hubbers: I am in the process of writing a very unique and different Hubpage experiment. Unlike other experiments, my one will not focus on how to monetize, increase adsense or the whole 100 hub a month. This...

      • Hub Challenge

        Hub Challenge

        8 years ago

        Hey there. Can anyone tell me how to get started with this hub challenge?