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I am a writing aspirant. I have written many articles, essays, and short stories. I am the student of high school.

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  • A Stingy Man

    A Stingy Man

    31 hours ago

    His day again started with worries; before the sun rose, he went to the field holding his sickle. It has been 20 years since he is working in his fields, but yet his family is starving. His name was..

  • Learning From Nature

    Learning From Nature

    11 days ago

    When I visualize nature, I see lush green trees laded of numerous fruits and flowers; the birds chirping over it; the monkeys playing on their branches and a clean stream flowing beside these trees...

  • The Hope of a Hopeless

    The Hope of a Hopeless

    12 days ago

    The following fiction story is about an old man, who has a daughter and a wife. He quit his job in thirties to pursue his dream of a novelist.

  • The Inner World of an Introvert

    The Inner World of an Introvert

    12 days ago

    I have my own universe. I am an over thinker who is also an introvert. Indeed most of the introverts are over thinkers. I can spend a whole day looking at a wall without getting bore........