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I am also know as Dee Dee!

I love to write about all kinds of things.  I am also intensely interested in many things like home remodeling, anti-aging, saving money and weight loss.  I occasionally like to write about fashion and other topics.

I am so excited to have found Hubpages. This is really a great place for the writer!

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  • Signs and Stages of Herpes

    Signs and Stages of Herpes

    6 years ago

    Herpes is viral infection caused by either of two types of viruses, herpes simplex virus type 1 or herpes simplex virus type 2. The signs and symptoms of the viral infection are seen on the face and genital areas. Oral...

  • Benefits of Facial Hair Waxing

    Benefits of Facial Hair Waxing

    6 years ago

    The face is the part of the body that catches other people's interests at first encounter. When having an interaction with someone, the face is what he or she usually keeps their attention on. This is the most exposed...

  • The Benefits of a Bikini Trimmer

    The Benefits of a Bikini Trimmer

    6 years ago

    The bikini trimmer is a handheld personal device perfect to use to trim down hairs in the bikini area. It is the most popular alternative to non-permanent hair removal. This gadget helps save time because it is faster...