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Nidhi lives near McLeodganj (abode of the Holy Dalai Lama) in the Dhauladhar mountain ranges with her husband. She attended American International School, Kabul, before moving to Delhi University for BA English Honors. When she has a bad dream she knows she’ll have a good story in the morning.

Her short work has appeared in The Dirty Pool, Liquid Imagination Online, LA Review of LA, Flame Tree Publishing, Four Ties Lit Review, The Insignia Series, Inwood Indiana Press, Bards and Sages Publishing, So To Speak, Scarlet Leaf Review, Bewildering Stories, Down in the Dirt, Mulberry Fork Review, tNY.Press, Fabula Argentea, Aerogram, Asvamegha, Fiction Magazines, Flash Fiction Press, Fiction on the Web and elsewhere.

She has also authored commentaries on Sikh scriptures and Bollywood, and a few novels.

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  • The Bulgarian Blunder

    The Bulgarian Blunder

    2 months ago

    Our desi version of ‘Taken,’ mixed with fair skin, Hindu mythology, dollops of melodrama, and impossible midair stunts: this movie has roared to the box-office with a whopping 70 CR in opening week.