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Mother of 3, grandmother of 7. Registered nurse for over 30 years and nursing faculty for 6 years. Bachelor's degree from Minnesota State University and Master's degree in education from Winona State University. Currently retired and passionately pursuing a 20+ year love of gardening and landscaping.

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  • Blood Pressure - What is it? (in simple terms)

    Blood Pressure - What is it? (in simple terms)

    16 months ago

    While you may see many articles about how to lower your blood pressure or the risks of high blood pressure, this article will explain (in fairly simple terms) the meaning of "blood pressure"

  • Get rid of moles and voles!!

    Get rid of moles and voles!!

    17 months ago

    How to get rid of moles, voles, or any outdoor varmints, can be an exercise in futility and just plain frustrating when you spot those hills of dirt or your feet sink into the tunnels in your lawn!

  • Saffron is RED GOLD!

    Saffron is RED GOLD!

    17 months ago

    Crocus are some of the prettiest spring flowers showing their colorful blooms even before the snow has entirely disappeared. Not only beautiful but produce the spice saffron - called red gold

  • Want to Garden but no "green thumb"?

    Want to Garden but no "green thumb"?

    18 months ago

    Many people love to garden! However, many others would like to begin gardening but don't know how to get started. Anyone can garden and begin a life-long love of contributing to the beauty of nature